More year abroad blogs

A Blonde in Bordeaux – Written by my friend Lucy, she doesn’t update very often but when she does you’re guaranteed a good laugh. She’s off to Germany in March so the name might change then.

A Brit Abroad – Hannah currently works in France but will be going to Russia, which will most certainly be more interesting than anything that happens in Italy!

A Chemist Abroad – I bumped into Jamie in a club in Bordeaux and it turns out we have a few friends in common in England. The world is far too small. He studies chemistry at Bath and is spending a year at uni in Bordeaux.

Adventures with Frogs and Snails and Other Mildly Xenophobic Tales – Paul is working as a teaching assistant in a high school in Bordeaux for the year. This blog is hilarious, everyone must read it.

Cox’s European Adventure – I met Aaron in Bordeaux where he was also studying, and he is now living in Seville partying and drinking, with a bit of uni on the side.

Emilia Lives Life – A very regular updater, Emilia is spending a year studying in Italy. If you want to know where to find the best pastries and coffee pretty much anywhere in the world, she’s your girl.

Germanyohmy – Rose goes to uni in California and is on a year abroad, firstly in Bordeaux (where we met) and now in Freiburg, Germany! She’s pretty awesome.

Im Ausland: EllieSpeaks Abroad – Ellie has just moved from Germany to Italy. If you’re on a year abroad yourself and are feeling stressed out, this blog will help you see the brighter side in everything.

JetSet Jones – Millie studies French and German and so far has been working as a teaching assistant in Hanover, as well as apparently sampling every kind of Wurst that the country has to offer.

Life of Bain – Chris studies Computer Science (UPDATE: and electronics. I’m a bad friend) at Bristol and is at uni for the year in Singapore, although he seems to spend most of his time exploring other parts of the Far East.

Living in Frogland South American-Stylee – Polly is another Bristol student, and one of the few lucky Frenchies who’s gone a little bit off the beaten track for their year abroad.

Melle du Jour – Mike is a teaching assistant like myself who gives a great insight into proper small-town living in France (population of under 4000!)

Rennes to Russia – Ruth has already managed to spend 7 months working in France, fantastic commitment, and will be heading to Russia soon.

Sunshine, Sancerre and Cigarettes – Steph was a student in Poitiers and is now a fellow Comenius assistant working in Genzano di Roma, which is on the other side of Rome from Spoleto.

The Great Erasmus Adventure – My friend Chynna, who also studied in Bordeaux, will soon be off to Verona for even more studying!

The Krasnodar Gulag – Helena is also from Bristol uni and studied in Bordeaux, and has now disappeared off to Russia for a few months.

Une Fausse Chabine an Péyi-A – Lucy is a teaching assistant in Martinique whose posts never fail to make me giggle.


4 Responses to “More year abroad blogs”

  1. The Well-Travelled Postcard April 21, 2013 at 20:10 #

    I did my year abroad in 2010-11 and back then none of my friends were blogging (I wasn’t either to be honest). It’s so great to see that so many Erasmus people are blogging about living abroad 🙂 Love your blog by the way!

    • louiseineurope May 8, 2013 at 11:58 #

      Thankyou that’s so kind! It seems blogging is the main way people on their year abroad let other people know what they’re up to now, rather than having to repeat to friends and family separately, plus it’s a fun way of remembering what you did while away 🙂

      • The Well-Travelled Postcard May 12, 2013 at 09:56 #

        Yes it’s great! I kept a private diary through the whole of my year abroad, so I have that to remind me. Do you think you’ll carry on blogging after the year abroad ends?

      • louiseineurope May 12, 2013 at 12:58 #

        I enjoy blogging because I have so much to say while I’m out here, but I just don’t know if people would be interested to hear about general studenty complainy once I’m back in England 😛 I’ll probably keep it going during my general travels this summer though

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