Exam rant

9 Dec

Just a quick one on why you probably won’t hear anything positive from me for the next week.

As it has gotten closer to the end of term, naturally I have  a few exams coming up. Some teachers, such as the lovely ones who take me for French/English translation, gave weeks of warning and a general guideline of what we need to revise. Others, namely my Japanese teachers and of course my Italian oral teacher, have told me about a week in advance.

I have no clue what the Italian exam will be on, or what format it will take…listening like last time? Speaking? Are we supposed to prepare something? Literally no idea. I know that one of my Japanese exams, squeezed in during my lunch break just after the Italian exam and before my linguistics class, is on ‘grammar’. No further hints than that though.

The other Japanese one is more of a mystery, and is set at 7pm next Friday. 7pm!! Who does that? In another example of Erasmus students being seen as a hinderance to their teaching, apparently Chynna and I will be doing this at the back of the room during another class that our teacher holds. He suggested we bring iPods to block out the noise of the class.

This brings my grand total of exams next week to 7, most of which I have no idea how to revise for. Bah humbug.


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