5 Dec

This weekend, after a few weeks of scheming with his flatmates, I made a little surprise trip back to Bristol for my boyfriend’s 21st. Apart from initial concerns that I had given him a stroke/heart attack when he first saw me, the whole weekend went smoothly, if not far too quickly.

To fly directly to Bristol at this time of year I had to catch a train out to Toulouse, which was pretty easy, although being the stinge that I am I took the cheapest train which left Bordeaux at 7.30 on Friday morning. There wasn’t even a hint of sunlight at that time. I was then inevitably hideously early for my 1.45 flight but thankfully there’s unlimited free wifi at Toulouse airport, and a clear view over to the Airbus factory. I managed to spot a Beluga and a couple of A380s (best plane ever) during my wait, very exciting (maybe just for me though).

Bonjour TGV

After a speedy flight and speedier exit from the airport (don’t knock travelling alone, you encounter less problems like family members inexplicably wanting to join the traditional customs queue instead of zipping through the e-passport one) I managed to get myself to Will’s house just before he got back from his lecture, mission complete.

On Friday night there was a party at Will’s to celebrate the multiple birthdays happening in the house. Gold star for effort on the decorations guys. Everyone had a great night, and I found that 24 hours without sleep is a cheap and efficient alternative to alcohol. There’s a handy tip for any of you feeling the pinch towards the end of term.


On Saturday I was lucky enough to be a guest on my former flatmates’ radio show on Burst Radio, Bristol Uni’s student radio. You can listen to the show here until Saturday 8th I believe.

Cry Hard 3

Adam, John and Tom hard at work

The rest of the weekend flew by and before I knew it I was back at Toulouse airport with an ominous 4 hour wait until my late train (yes, stingy again). I managed to nab myself a seat in the crowded station where I settled down with Stephen Fry’s autobiography for a few hours. This caught the interest of some bold Toulousains who, like most French citizens it would seem, have never seen a Kindle before, prompting a barrage of questions about what it was, how it worked, what you can put on it, how much it costs etc.etc. Amazon should give me commission for the persuasive skills I put to use (and it was all in French, brownie points for me).

My train eventually arrived and after a comfy journey back I got into Bordeaux station at 9.20. Despite the torrential rain I remained in an upbeat mood knowing I’d be home by 10 at the latest. How wrong I was. After waiting 10 minutes for a tram, I then got off at my connecting stop to find the next tram heading to mine wouldn’t be for another half hour. Bare in mind that they’re usually every 4-6 minutes, maybe 15 if its late. Being very hungry and thirsty having not wanted to pay the extortionate food prices at the airport or station, I eventually found the only place open on a Sunday: McDonalds.

In an act of self-imposed martyrdom I decided to walk through the rain to Victoire tram stop since it would be marginally closer to home, where I found that my boots are no longer in any way waterproof. By the time I got home at 11 all I wanted to do was pass out on a sofa somewh…oh wait no. I had to make do with my trusty bargain wheely chair.

All in all though, I had an amazing weekend which was definitely worth the travel hassle, although it made me miss England at Christmas that much more. Thankfully, but also sadly, I only have a couple of weeks left here before heading back to the UK for a brief break before starting Year Abroad v2.0!

Finally, a massive sorry to everyone I said I’d see and didn’t manage to catch up with, I miss you all.


2 Responses to “Surprise”

  1. Millie Jones December 5, 2012 at 19:43 #

    Awwww surprises are the best. Hope you had a fun weekend. So jealous that you’ve been to Bristol twice now this term! xx

    • louiseineurope December 5, 2012 at 19:48 #

      Possibly overkill but I don’t know when/if I’m going to make it there next term so thought I might as well! xx

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