Post half-term blues

14 Nov

A combination of various factors led to me having an embarrassingly weepy moment on the plane back to Bordeaux early on Monday morning, which wasn’t helped by the fact that I had to wait half an hour in the rain for one of my buses home, and I had a test to revise for that afternoon.

Tuesday evening was spent writing a presentation for the following day that the teacher had only set just before half term, meaning that the idea of it being a team effort went completely out the window. I know I’ve ranted before about my Italian oral teacher, but I’m going to rant again. I have never encountered such a  jobsworth in my life, not even in the various administrative departments of the schools and universities (yes even in Bordeaux 3) that I have attended.

When we turned up to class on Wednesday morning, he was (as usual) late, and only at that point did he realise that the room we were supposed to do powerpoint presentations in had neither a projector nor even a computer. Cue him disappearing for 15 minutes to get the necessary equipment, while we chatted with the other groups who were supposed to be presenting that day who complained that they had had no time to practice together either because of the half term. Apparently they had emailed him to ask for a bit more time to which his reply was just ‘no’.

Upon his return, he started a spiel about ‘it’s not my problem if you’re not ready, you do the presentation when I tell you to, I don’t make the rules etc. etc.’ which caused one of the feistier students to literally start screaming abuse at him, which wasted another 10 minutes or so. He argued that it’s not his fault if we couldn’t work together over the half term due to being in different towns/countries, we’re the ones who chose our group members, and refused to listen to any of our reasoning. He is basically a brick wall with qualifications.

Following this he spent a further 10 minutes trying to set up the computer and projector, meaning that the first 15 minute presentation started 40 minutes into an hour class. Thankfully for us, that means we don’t have to do ours until next Wednesday, meaning we have a bit of time to polish things up.

UPDATE: This week he managed to put us in a room with a projector. However, a surprising level of keenness the likes of which I have never seen so far at this university meant that only 2 presentations got done, each at a whopping half hour each. Who voluntarily writes a presentation double the suggested length in a language that isn’t their own when (as far as I know) the mark doesn’t even count?! Since we have a test next week, I have no idea if/when this presentation will ever get done. Rant over.

Last week was also another surprise triple-decker DEFLE whammy, with 3 consecutive evenings of French classes. By Thursday evening I was ready to curl up in a ball and never look at prepositions ever again. Thankfully however, this means that for the following 2 weeks I only have the Thursday class. I definitely intend to use the time I would be at the Tuesday class to do more work, but I can tell it’s just going to end with me googling various Christmas-related activities in Bordeaux. Hello Christmas Market that starts next week!

Having spoken to a lot of other  Bordeaux 3 students recently, it seems there’s a definite melancholy going round, as everyone’s basically grown a bit tired with the university as a whole, and some of us have less than 6 weeks left now. I’m trying to keep myself busy by planning various activities (eg. seeing The xx on Saturday, SO EXCITED), and a few us have been looking into a spontaneous weekend trip in the next month or so. I really really want to go to Germany when the Christmas markets have started, but it turns out that it’s surprisingly difficult and expensive to get there from Bordeaux 😦

Friday was Sinead’s birthday so a bunch of us headed to Abbie’s house for drinks and general catching up since many of us hadn’t seen each other for several weeks. I also had the pleasure of witnessing Sinead dance to Gangnam Style, which officially made my week. The weekend was spent writing something in the range of 1500 words of translation, spread out across my 4 different translation classes. Cue grumpy face. Sorry about all the grumbling, hopefully I’ll be in a better mood next week.

Sight of the day

Since I didn’t see anything particularly new or exciting last week, so instead I’m going to tell you about some of the strange things people have Googled which have somehow led them to this blog. Credits to Paul for the idea, his version of this is far more entertaining.

WordPress has a stats section which tells you things like how many views you’d have, of what posts, and where your visitors come from. Hello to my lone reader in Serbia. I hope Eastern Europe is treating you well.

Another section includes Google searches that have led to your blog. There have been some fairly normal ones, such as ‘louise a l’etranger blogspot’ (close enough), to the slightly more odd ‘youtube chlamydia’ (before anyone makes any jokes, this did actually come up in one blog post.)

My favourite however has to be ‘louisa scrubbing floor closeup’ which has somehow brought TWO different people here. Why do they want to watch this Louisa scrub the floor? And why specifically closeup?? I think there are some questions in life which we are better off just not knowing the answer to.


One Response to “Post half-term blues”

  1. Chris Bainbridge November 16, 2012 at 10:26 #

    Ouch, bored of Bordeaux already?

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