Blog neglect

25 Oct

Well this post is definitely long overdue, but I’ll try and catch you up on what I’ve been up to. Unfortunately there isn’t a huge amount to tell, as most of my time last week seemed to be taken up by lectures plus some extra classes that got thrown in at the last minute.

On Monday I got to experience the French health system properly for the first time. If anyone studying in Bordeaux is reading this and have put off going to the doctors because they’re worried about costs etc., you’ll be happy to know that appointments at the student health centre are free. When it comes to prescriptions, you pay whatever they cost and then you get reimbursed afterwards if you have an EHIC card. I’m not really sure how to go about this, will investigate soon.

For DEFLE I usually have 2 classes a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.30-8pm (character building some might call it). During our class on Tuesday evening last week, the teacher made the surprise announcement that she wouldn’t be there for one of our classes in November so she was instead moving it to the following evening. That’s right. 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS of evening classes. Horrible.

Wednesday’s classes were a write off, I would have probably learnt more if I had stayed at home that day. Firstly, let me tell you about my Italian oral teacher. He turns up 10/15 minutes late for an hour class. His lesson planning doesn’t seem to go much beyond printing out a roleplay sheet he found online somewhere. He gets angry at us for not doing work that he never told us to do, and spends more time arguing with students over how little sense the work he’s given us makes than actually teaching.

This week he was on top form. We spent 30 minutes looking at a 2-page scripted roleplay, which only took the students about 5 minutes to read, followed by 20 minutes of him pacing up and down the room looking at the sheets while people stared out the window/texted on their phones. He then got a few people to act out the roleplay, wherein he criticised them for not accurately portraying the emotions suggested on the script (the scene only involved people getting coffee at a bar). We were then told to semi-learn/be familiar with it so we can run through it again next week, and we will be marked on it! I’m sorry, but I did not sign up for a drama class.

Following another great lunch at the uni cafeteria, Charli and I happily went along to our linguistics lecture, as it’s our favourite subject here. Half an hour later, the teacher still hadn’t turned up, despite him saying that this would be the week he would explain how our essay assessment would work (still no idea what it’s about or when it’ll be in for). We decided to give up and I went home, deciding this was clearly some kind of cosmic balancing for having to spend that evening in a French class.

Thankfully me evening was brightened up by a trip to the funfair that’s currently set up at Quinconces. It’s around till November 7th and on Wednesdays the rides are cheaper, definitely worth spending an evening there.


Everyone else went on this but I chose not to as I don’t have a huge amount of faith in the structural stability of fairground rides. It does a full 360 as well.

Funfair food is the best

On Saturday a few of us went on a daytrip to Saint-Émilion, where we had a tour of the town, had an amazing lunch, then got to be all sophisticated and do some wine tasting.




More gratuitous photos of steak



Ok so maybe I was wrong about not having done much last week.

This week has mostly been spent being ill and feeling sorry for myself. You definitely miss home comforts when you’ve run out of food but are too sick to drag yourself to the supermarket.

Sights of the day

No one really ‘needs’ a petrol cap right?

While in Auchan (land where dreams come true) I was looking for some sort of chocolate dessert and noticed they sell this monster 1kg tub. Clearly I had to buy it as it’s clearly far more efficient than buying individual pots. Although there’s no portion control meaning that after 4 servings I’ve nearly finished it. Woops.


We’re not sure what was in this drink, but it’s what I got given when Lucy tried to buy me a glass of white wine at a bar. I drank it anyway.



If you ever go to the bar La Comtesse on Rue Parlement and go to the toilet…don’t look up. It’s fucking terrifying. Who puts taxidermy on the ceiling?



Simon came home the other day and offered us some biscuits, since he gets them discounted/free from the Lu factory where he works. However I was not expecting him to drag out this giant Ikea-style bag full of Mikado, Tuc, Petit écolier etc. etc. I tried to hold back my greed and only take a couple of packs, although as he said himself, he’ll never be able to finish them all on his own…




2 Responses to “Blog neglect”

  1. Rachel B October 25, 2012 at 16:03 #

    I feel like that toilet sorts the boys from the men. but still wtfing creepy. P.s. all the food you get to eat looks fantastic lou!!

    • louiseineurope October 25, 2012 at 16:03 #

      I have been eating an obscene amount of red meat it has to be said xxx

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