22 Sep

Wednesday ended up being my hermit day, I didn’t really get up to much, although Jean Marc did manage to fix the other plug socket so the death trap is no longer! You can see how exciting things get round here. It was a bit of a haphazard job which involved him hacking away at the plaster with a screwdriver to find that none of the cables behind the socket were actually plugged into it. French handiwork at it’s finest. I’ve also started listening to French radio, partly to get more exposure to the language, partly to see what kind of music is played out here. The is really onle one word to describe much of what is played on NRJ fm. Eurotrash. I’ll share a couple of the most overplayed ones making the rounds at the moment. The video for the first one is really classy too.

These two songs are part of the ten that NRJ plays on constant rotation throughout the day. Surprisingly, they also play a fair amount of Birdy. I am yet to figure out French tastes. I’m also hoping Gangnam Style is played on UK radios as much as it is here.

On Thursday I had my second Japanese lecture, where thankfully the teacher took a little more time to explain Kanji and Katakana and even gave us some booklets which gave instructions how to draw each symbol. The lecture took place in what felt like an abandoned warehouse space, complete with peeling paint and graffiti next to the chalk board. It’s a shame that no one seems to care about the state of university buildings here, as the campus could be a far more enjoyable place to spend time if it weren’t so run down. From speaking to people who have been to different lectures, it also seems that the teachers aren’t too bothered with checking whether anyone can hear what they’re saying, whether it being due to teaching in an echo-y 700-seater auditorium, or just not having a microphone. For me, the latter was the main problem, as Chynna and myself found we had to move forward twice (as did everyone else) to hear anything that M. Sastre was saying, as he spoke at a conversational volume to a lecture theatre which can hold 400 people. I also become very worried I was in the wrong level of teaching group when he put on a powerpoint full of Japanese words which loads of people could already read and know the meaning of. I was reassured when speaking to another student afterwards who told me that he was a beginner too and it was supposed to be a beginner’s group…apparently there are just a lot of people in our class who spend their free time watching Gundam and reading Naruto.

Afterwards I decided to pay a visit to Géant Casino  and ended up embarrassing myself and holding up the whole queue by not weighing my vegetables – apparently it’s one of those supermarkets where you get to sticker them yourself. What faith they have in the general public’s honesty. I also made the mistake of buying the cheapest rillette available in the supermarket, at the bargain price of 76c. Unfortunately I discovered at home that you can’t trust everything in a supermarket’s basic range (called Tous les Jours at Casino) as my rillette has the smell and consistency of dog food, and now I have 220g of it to eat. In the afternoon I went into town with Carissa and Emily where I had the biggest chocolat chaud in the world. It was served in a small bowl:

I’m not sure if this picture gives a great idea of scale, but it was a good 5 inches across.

Sight of the day

Not very exciting, but look at the craftsmanship on that. 


One Response to “Eurotrash”

  1. Chris Bainbridge September 28, 2012 at 21:31 #

    Gangam style… you’re not living in the far east 😛

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