Food and drink

16 Sep

I finally got to have a lie-in on Friday morning and did some stuff which I had been meaning to do for a while, like putting up some photos and trying to organise my things a little better. In the afternoon Emily and I headed up into Bordeaux to pick up tickets for the electro night at the Palais des Sports on Saturday, followed by frozen yoghurt at Niceberry which was sooo good. You help yourself to whatever flavour you want then can add fruit, sauces, sweets etc. and they then charge you based on weight. I’ve added this to the long list of things that are ‘too good’ for England to have as, being like the unruly teenager of Europe, we are guaranteed to ruin whatever nice things are given to us. By that point in the afternoon in an equivalent UK shop there would definitely have been a substantial amount of food on the floor and someone would have stolen anything left in the self-serve area. Similar places which the British public equally could not be trusted with include:

  • The miroir d’eau (would be packed like sardines on any day over 20 degrees)
  • The mini-festival in St Michel (drunk teenagers would be throwing up everywhere)
  • Self-serve cereal dispensers (again, food everywhere)

We then headed over to the Connemara where Sinead was doing her first trial shift, and ordered a couple of coffees just to keep her on her toes. Deciding we’d need drinks for general going-out in the future, I picked up a 1.90€ bottle of white, which was in fact cheaper than the coffee. More news on the quality at a later date. That night I went to a 21st with some other Bristolians before going to see the incredibly talented Peter play the penny whistle in a session at the Connemara.

On Saturday morning we went to the amazing Marché des Capucins near St Michel, were there was a massive selection of saucisson, cheese, bread, seafood, veg etc. etc. I had to hold myself back from spending all my money as I knew I’d never be able to finish everything I wanted before it would expire. At one stall Sinead and I spotted a tub of baby octopuses (octopi?) and got to try one. They were in some sort of garlicky oily brine which was great, although the texture was something akin to old rubber.

A group of us then went to Jardin Public, my new favourite place when it’s sunny, to have a picnic and try and get a tan. Or unfortunately for a few of the group, a glowing burn. While at the park we noticed some large groups of people about our age having what can only really be described as ‘organised fun’…apparently it was some sort of freshers initiation thing for French students. The general lack of alcohol in their games was of great concern to us.

I headed home to have a nap before the night out at the Palace Electro Party, as we’ve all noticed how Bordeaux seems to sap everyone’s energy meaning by about 5 everyone’s up  for a sleep! After much deliberation over what to wear (the French are a lot more conservative than the English. And they think it’s cold at the moment) Emily and I went to Chynna and Sarah’s for predrinks. We got to meet a few of Sarah’s Bordeaux friends and persevered with speaking French, despite most of them having perfect American accents and perfect English. The Palais des Sports is a great venue for gigs and music events, massive with really high ceilings and plenty of space (compared to many places in Bristol at least), although I was surprised to see a large number of sensibly-dressed middle-aged couples among the general under-30s crowd. Throughout the night we lost a couple of people, one to an ill-advised extra drink which didn’t really agree with him, the other to the call of attempting a 6km walk home at 2am. We ended up leaving before 3, deciding that the repetitive rhythms of French electro weren’t enough to keep us there any longer.

Sights of the day

Wine that comes in 250ml juice-box style cartons. Perfect for lunchboxes.


2 Responses to “Food and drink”

  1. Sarah September 16, 2012 at 22:44 #

    Haha, the white wine boxes are for cooking only 🙂

    • cbindahouse September 17, 2012 at 12:17 #

      If you’re French, then I can understand, but people here (Singapore) were wondering whether it would be a good idea to drink alcohol meant for medication (this was how dire the situation had become). So just because the wine is for cooking, I wouldn’t put it past a Brit to give it a go.

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