Light at the end of the tunnel

10 Sep

Following a tip-off at the party on Saturday night, I called Emily’s landlord who offered me a visit of his apartment. It’s a couple of stops the other side of the university, so not in the city centre but its about a minute’s walk from the tram meaning you can still get to anywhere in about 25 minutes. He seemed pretty keen to rent out the room asap and offered me the keys then and there, as long as I find someone to replace my when I move out in December. I said I’d have a think about it and headed back to Chynna’s so we could meet some of the others for a picnic at Jardin Public, a big park near Quinconces. After discussing the housing situation with everyone, Lucy pointed out that I would be an idiot to not take up the offer of a room where the keys has basically already been given to me, so I texted Jean Marc (so so French) to let him know and he said I could move in the following morning! Meanwhile in the park, Lucy was being told to calm down by a French man for being too loud. There were loads of these giant brightly painted wine bottles dotted around the park. We were hoping they would also be some kind of wine-dispenser but unfortunately not.

Following this we met up with some of the Irish lot to watch what was apparently a very important hurling match. I had never heard of the sport before but according to Wikipedia it has been played for over 3000 years. Maybe I’m just a bit behind the times. It basically looks like a cross between hockey, rugby, and lacrosse, except they pass the ball with what look like giant wooden spoons. After the pub I headed back for my final night at Chynna and Sarah’s. I’m sure they’ll be thankful to have their sofa back!

Sight of the day

France does seem to be a fan of its ‘vendable’ products. Given that the French don’t appear to drink fresh milk, I was surprised to find a milk vending machine in the middle of the pavement. Like the pizza vending machine, it was also out of order, although according to the sign this is only temporary.


One Response to “Light at the end of the tunnel”

  1. cbindahouse September 10, 2012 at 16:15 #

    They have a pizza vending machine, no way! I was about to express my regret at not being able to read French but then I spotted your explanation below the picture. Jolly good. Wot wot.

    (Just trying to prove my Englishness to the world)

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