Vin et fromage

9 Sep

On Saturday morning I got a call bright and early from someone called Christian who offered me a visit of his place at lunchtime, so Chynna and I went down to investigate it as it was pretty near her place. It was a good set-up but 2 other people were also there and there were 2 rooms on offer, so yet again I was put on the list. We then met up with Aaron and Abbie to visit the miroir d’eau, otherwise known as the best thing in the world ever. It’s basically a very very shallow swimming pool in front of Place de la Bourse that fills with a couple of inches of water. As I don’t feel I’m really doing it justice, here’s a picture:

Every so often it drains, then a sort of mist is sprayed up which was much appreciated since it was about 33’C that day. Not that I’m complaining about it being too hot or anything.

Later that day I visited another apartment a little further out in the west of the city. It was nice enough although it would have involved living with a middle age bachelor. Not ideal, but at that point I was willing to live pretty much everywhere bar the streets so he added me to the list. In the evening a few of the UK students hosted a lovely cheese and wine party where we all acted very sophisticated and marvelled at the enormous apartment the hosts live in.

Look how grown up we are

Sights of the day:

Someone paying for their weekly shop by cheque. In some ways France is ahead of us. But in others so far behind.

Behold the pizza vending machine. Good concept but poor execution. This would have been an exciting novelty that I would have paid real money for if it weren’t for the inches of grime caked on the buttons. And it’s just generally a bit suspect really isn’t it.

Banana juice. I will definitely buy some at some point. Although I don’t know how it’s possible to juice a banana.


One Response to “Vin et fromage”

  1. Rachel B September 12, 2012 at 09:07 #

    I am surprised a pizza machine isn’t on your list of inventions. maybe across the channel you might find some funding for your crazzzy ideas – Glad you’ve found a place to live :D:D:D

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