Nothing ever goes according to plan

7 Sep

I had a much more chilled start yesterday, had a bit of breakfast and decided to double check info on the university site to make sure I had all the unit codes for my classes before heading in to organise my timetable. Annoyingly some of the pages just wouldn’t work, and not long after, the entire website seemed to have shut down. Unfortunately, this appeared to be a sign of things to come at Bordeaux 3. Having given up on the website, Chynna, Matthew and I decided to meet up to head in in person hoping that it would be easier to talk to someone in person. Upon arrival we headed to the Accueil building to ask where room G006 was, which lead to the embarrassing realisation (mid-conversation with the help desk ladies) that despite each having had at least 9 years of French education each, we couldn’t work out how to pronounce the letter G. We then attempted to follow the directions given to us. Inevitably we got lost, but it did mean we had a mini tour of the main building.

Classroom at Bordeaux 3

It’s like I’m 10 all over again

After climbing a few floors and walking the length of the building we eventually found G006, where some other UK students seemed to have the same idea as us. It turns out all the university do when you turn up is give you your username and password, which could easily have been done by email, and you then log on to the computers and check for any timetable clashes for your choices, which can equally be done at home. The servers were apparently still down though so there wasn’t much more they could do for us anyway! It seems that it didn’t really occur to the university to tell us not to come in because of this, and as a whole we wasted a fair bit of time that morning! One British student we met summed up the general administration skills and organisation of the university as ‘a pile of wank’, which at the moment seems a fair judgement. We decided to have another walk round the university, admiring the ‘vintage’ look of  various buildings. One filled Matthew with so much emotion that he broke down in front of it.

Bordeaux 3

A little bit Soviet

For lunch we headed into the city centre, thinking it would be nice to have a picnic since it was so sunny. One thing I’ve noticed about Bordeaux is the abundance of dog shit. It’s literally everywhere. No one cleans up after their pets. Yesterday it finally got me, and I managed to step in something while we were trying to find a good patch of grass to sit on. Bad times. Following lunch we headed to the Meriadeck shopping centre so Matthew could buy some food and Lucy could fuel her shopping addiction: “Literally even if it’s just a pair of pants, I NEED to buy something.”

The afternoon was spent trying to activate my student account, which of course didn’t work, although the university kindly sent us an email explaining how to do this, clearly oblivious to the fact that their servers were still down. Chynna and I headed to the nearest Carrefour to pick up some dinner, where I also spied an absolute bargain: 1.50€ for a bottle of wine. Definitely gonna be on that one once I have an apartment. In terms of househunting, the agency that Anna and Anouk contacted have been a bit crap and have only given us a few apartments to look at, some of which aren’t available until October, while the others are nowhere near tram line B, the one which goes to uni. Not great, but we’re trying to work something else out.

Sight of the day: A man getting on the tram holding a cat on a leash.


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