Un peu d’espoir

6 Sep

In an effort to be first in the shower at the hostel I set my alarm for 6.30, which meant I could get all my stuff repacked into my suitcase (my possessions have miraculously expanded into an extra couple of small bags already) so I could check out before heading to the uni at 7.45. After the standard hostel breakfast of nutella on bread I set off with Helena and Marina to catch a bus which would take us to the tram stop Victoire, which is on line B and carries on down to the unis Bordeaux 3 and 4. The tram stops right in the middle of campus, right next to the building where we were meant to be for the international students meeting. Lucy had warned me that the general architecture of the campus wasn’t exactly pleasing to the eye but I have to say it was a little worse than I expected. Now I hate to use the word post-apocalyptic, but there is definitely a slight air of abandoned-eastern-European-city about it. At least inside the buildings is a little nicer!

We met up with the other Bristol students and formed a decent sized group, which I think gave the impression to other international students that England is so small that we do in fact all know each other. A 2 hour meeting followed, in which we found out that we actually finish in December, not January, and therefore don’t take part in the January exam period. Instead our teachers have to come up with some form of continuous assessment for us throughout the term. Having seen Bordeaux’s organisational skills so far (the guy in charge didn’t know what time the office he told us to go to was open) I’m not sure how well this is going to work out. The meeting was followed by a free brunch buffet. For anyone who knows me, I love anything free, so piled my plate up so high it was a struggle to keep it balanced while also trying to hold onto my glass of (again free) wine. Yay for pre-lunchtime drinking.

A few of us who had yet to find anywhere to live decided to head up to Bordeaux 2 to check out the noticeboards for any ads for flatmates (called colocations in France) but they all seemed pretty outdated so I headed back to the hostel to retrieve all my stuff and take it to Chynna (myerasmusadventure.wordpress.com) and Sarah’s flat where I will be crashing until I find somewhere. At Chynna’s I spent the afternoon and evening calling up various landlords and students, with little success. Out of around 25 calls, 7 picked up, and only 1 was able to offer me a visit. The place was lovely, but she wanted someone who could stay there for a year. She did however offer to rent out her son’s room ‘if and when he goes to London’ as a last resort. I also calculated the depressing statistic of: out of the 70 or so people I have contacted in the past 3 weeks, I have only been able to visit 3 places, bringing my success rate up to about 4%. Thankfully Lucy then called up as she had been in contact with a group who were looking for a 3rd flatmate, and they are planning on looking for apartments on Saturday! At the same time I also received a response to my ad on leboncoin from a baker called Bruno offering a visit on Friday afternoon. Apparently colocations are like buses…

I will hopefully be posting photos with my updates soon, but at the moment I am reluctant to try and dig out my camera cable from my suitcase until I have an official address as I can foresee a Pandora’s box type situation occurring.


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    […] this time), where we got to meet her flatmate Bruno and his dog Ruby. For any of you who read my post from several weeks ago when I was still househunting, the name Bruno may ring a bell as the owner […]

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