Still sans abri

5 Sep

Yesterday I was determined to be in full househunting mode so following breakfast I set up camp near the hostel’s (mainly non-functioning) router and sent out 20 or so emails and texts in the hope that someone would reply. I only ended up hearing back from a few of them, and managed to get a visit with 1. It was a really great place but unfortunately about a dozen other people had visited it so I am currently waiting to hear back on whether I’ve been chosen, again not getting my hopes up too much!

I also made a few new foreign friends (mainly because I was the only one who could get internet access through the citywide ‘FreeWifi’ setup) who will be at Bordeaux 3 with me, one of whom said she’d help me find my way there for the meeting that was this morning. Everyone seems to be in the same boat in terms of finding somewhere to live, apart from one who decided to live in the university accommodation. Having been to the university today, all I can say is good luck to her.

In the evening I headed out for drinks with Lucy ( and she showed me round the town centre area, Bordeaux is so beautiful at night! Back in the hostel I also bumped into Helena, another Bristol student here for a semester. The Bristol contingent seem to make up at least half of all the English students studying at Bordeaux 3!

Best sight of the day: seeing a man ride his bike no handed down the street at great speed while playing the recorder. Only in France.


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