First Day

4 Sep

After getting up at obscene o’clock on Monday morning to catch a 6.45am flight to Bordeaux, dad took me to Luton (being the helpful person I am I didn’t actually check that the flight wasn’t from Gatwick until Sunday afternoon, the parents really appreciated that). My suitcase was just on the weight limit, great for my wallet, not so great when it comes to dragging 20kg round Bordeaux in 26 degree heat.

The flight was pretty speedy, only about 1h15 meaning I could hop straight on the Jetbus which took me to Gare Saint-Jean, a few minutes walk from the youth hostel which I booked for the 3rd+4th as I don’t actually have a real place to live yet. There was a minor issue upon arrival finding that I couldn’t get into my room until 4pm, and although I could leave my luggage in a locked room, the key to it is freely available to anyone as it is left on the edge of the front desk, which I found less than ideal considering my laptop bag doesn’t have a padlock. The fact that the hostel wifi was also hors de service meant I was slightly stranded, being unable to contact any of the apartments I had been intending on visiting. I ended up dragging anything that wouldn’t fit into my suitcase up to the apartment of my lovely friend Chynna and her flatmate Sarah, who took care of me all day, showing me round town and helping me set myself up with a French mobile number (0638201827). I also managed to fit in a visit to one apartment in a fairly central area, although the guy who lives there said there’s been a huge amount of interest so I’m not keeping my hopes up.

In the evening we went out for drinks with a couple of Sarah’s friends. Part of the happy hour deal is 2€ for a glass of wine, I could definitely get used to this! Their sweet white does have a slight edge on the Sainsbury’s House wine that I’m used to. After a lovely dinner at Chynna & Sarah’s I attempted to take the tram for the 2nd time that day, this time successfully. The first try ended up with me not being able to buy a ticket because the machine was broken, so as the tram arrived I ran up to the driver’s end to ask what to do. The doors promptly shut in my face just before I got there, and being too embarrassed to wait around for another I decided to just walk to Saint-Michel regardless of distance.

Before going to bed I sent out another half a dozen messages to prospective collocations in the hopes that any of them reply (the response rate seems to be max 10% at the moment, but fingers crossed I won’t be homeless for much longer!)


4 Responses to “First Day”

  1. Admiral James Sexington the Sexy September 4, 2012 at 11:27 #

    Funny and interesting louise, cheers.

    I should start an interesting and funny blog about stuff that happens to me. I’m sure everyone would definitely read. Totally.

    • louiseineurope September 4, 2012 at 11:42 #

      I don’t think your new nickname suits you John

      • Admiral James Sexington the Sexy September 4, 2012 at 15:00 #

        I’ll stick with Dr Deathrhino then.

  2. Rachel B September 4, 2012 at 12:42 #

    Sainsbury’s table wine. Wonderful. Anything of similar quality should be forbidden in Bordeaux :p Glad to hear the first day hasn’t been wayyy too stressful!

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